Vendor Hours

Friday: 5 pm – 10 pm (12-4 setup)
Sat: 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday 10 am – 1 pm (1-4 breakdown)


Merchandise, Indie Films, Authors & Publishers, Apparel, Small Business, Podcasters, Artists, etc. if it’s horror and you’re selling it, this page is for you!



A single standard table (6’) is $150 and includes one (1) badge*. Why only one? In an effort to customize badge needs, tables are cheaper than usual and include only one badge, so those who don’t need two aren’t paying for what they won’t use. For those who need more, additional vendor badges are available at a discount.

Double tables — two 6’ as either straight (for 12’ long) or as L-shaped (in a corner) — are $275 and include two (2) badges*. Corner locations are limited (first-come, first-served) and not available in the promenade. Check the appropriate box when you order your tables.

Locations explained and info. Locations include (1) main vendor room, (2) the promenade outside the main vendor room doors (the foyer/hallway area between vendors and guests), and (3) the gallery across the hall from the reading/panels room. The gallery is designed for bigger displays with dedicated space for double tables. Vendors in the gallery will be advertised via signage and noted in the program book. Promenade and Gallery spaces are very limited.

Extra tables (beyond two) are $100 per 6′ table and included one (1) additional badge each.

*Additional vendor badges are $40 at time of ordering online, then revert to normal at-door weekend costs of $50 at time of set-up. Limit of two (2) extra badges for adult/general admission per vendor “company,” not per table purchased when purchasing online. Should you need additional tickets after you’ve placed your initial table order, get them here.

Vendors with children under fourteen should note them on the order form, as they will have special wristbands.

Wall space is on a first-come, first-served basis. Check the appropriate box when you order your table. (If sold out, we’ll try to put you on the outer track opposite the wall but sharing that aisle)

Electricity must be chosen when ordering your table. A separate agreement with the hotel will be sent to those who choose electricity. Electricity is $50 for the weekend for duplex (2 outlet), $75 for a quad (4 outlets). Cords, power strips, and other items you will need for said electricity are the responsibility of the vendor to bring. All items must be in good working order. Horror on Main and the Venue individually and together reserve the right to refuse damaged wires or other fire hazards from being used. This is not for charging your phone, but rather for laptops and other accessories specific to your display.

A dedicated vendor WiFi with password will be given to all vendors during the pre-show meeting.

All vendor tables are on a first-come, first-served basis and are non-refundable. No table(s) is reserved or confirmed until paid for. Note for future conventions: returning vendors will receive an increasing discount for each year they return.

When purchasing tables, you agree to the rules listed here.

All vendors are required to attend the pre-show meeting, Friday at 4.30.

Vendors may not use anything that will damage hotel walls, tables, or carpet to mount or set up their displays. Vendors will be held liable and responsible for any damage they cause.

Candles and other products with flames are allowed to be for sale, but no vendor should have any lit candles or other burning items, as it is against hotel policy and could get you removed.

Vendor tables must be manned during the entire time the dealer’s room is open, with the exception of small breaks and meals. The hotel offers a lunch box meal available for delivery direct to your table. Horror on Main is not responsible for theft, damage, or other loss at any unmanned tables, as well as situations listed below. Horror on Main staff, agents, or owners are not available to “watch your table” while you are away.

All vendors agree to hold blameless any and all Horror on Main staff, owners, or agents against any theft, damage, loss, or expenses incurred therein, including property or personal injuries, whether during the event, loading or unloading. The vendor is responsible to carry insurance for their merchandise and person. Horror on Main does not provide insurance to vendors.

Horror on Main reserves the right to deny the display of signage or merchandise, which is hateful, harmful or pornographic in nature, at the definition and discretion of Horror on Main, LLC. Please keep displays to a PG13 standard.

Vendors are responsible for keeping their area free of trash. Garbage cans will be positioned around the room.

Vendors will not reposition tables or other hotel furniture; block doors, aisles or emergency exits; or encroach upon neighboring vendors. The only exception is the removal of “additional tables” purchased to use the space for floor displays.

No prepared food or beverage may be sold from a vendor booth. Wrapped, sealed, or prepackaged candy and other items are acceptable. If you are unsure, contact us to ask.

We understand that friends, and sometimes family, want to share a table and sell together for the weekend. We have no problem with this but do limit the number of different vending entities per 6’ table to two (2). If sharing a space, please fill out the bottom of the vendor ticket form so we have both names, and be sure to add an additional vendor badge to your order.

Horror on Main holds vendors responsible and liable for any legalities of the merchandise they are selling, including necessary rights or licensing. Vendors caught selling unlicensed, copyrighted material may be removed from the event and held accountable to those whom they misrepresented. Horror on Main will not be held responsible.

Vendors must wear their badges at all times, including while behind the table. Vendors found sharing their badge with a non-paying attendee will be immediately removed and banned from future Horror on Main events. Lost badges should be reported immediately. Vendors will be charged for replacement badges at a discount.

Vendors are solely responsible for the actions of their helpers and children. All helpers and children are held to the same rules and guidelines as the vendor, and the vendor will be accountable for any violations.

Maryland does require all vendors/sellers to pay sales tax. Horror on Main is not responsible for collecting, reporting or submitting sales tax on behalf of any vendors. The Special Events Section of Comptroller of Maryland will email you a license (free) if you do not have one, around 14 days before the event. Horror on Main will not be held responsible for any vendor who fails to collect, file, or pay sales tax.

Horror on Main retains the right to remove from the event, without refund, anyone found in violation of these rules. Violations may result in banning from future events at the discretion of Horror on Main, LLC.



Author Vendors: After purchasing your vendor passes, please go to the Author Vendor page to sign up for a reading slot.
see the Podcast page to sign up for a live-recording slot.