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Guests of Honor

Guests of Honor will be available for autographs at their tables during convention hours, unless otherwise noted on the Guests page as a one-day, late arrival or early departure. Please refrain from requesting autographs or pictures when they are not at their tables (this includes at panels, in hallways, or while dining).

We will be doing Guest of Honor Photo Ops for 2024. Those photos will be taken by the professional company in the designated locations and must be prepaid. Further information on those will be posted as we have it.

Selfies with Guests of Honor are at the discretion of the Guests (always ask), and should be done at their tables and charged according to their price list (some charge, some include with purchase, some are free).

Guests of Honor and their agents set their own prices, whether it’s for their books, photos, merchandise or signatures. Horror on Main has no control over their prices.

Last-minute cancellations due to health or work commitments are an unfortunate reality. If this happens, it will be noted on the Guests page, as well as on our Facebook group page and in the Newsletter. In this instance, refunds will not be given, as we do not sell tickets for a single guest but to the event as a whole.

Requests for guests will be asked immediately after each show on the Facebook group page and pinned for future use. Please keep your requests to that location.

Horror on Main and its staff cannot and will not give out contact information for any of our guests. You may ask the guest or their manager directly.


Hotel rooms in the Horror on Main block are available until they fill up or we hit the deadline (about 3 weeks before the show). We may be able to add rooms if they fill up quickly, and will announce that in the Facebook group. You may cancel rooms any time up to the day before the event, and we highly suggest you let others know in the Facebook group in case they were looking for a room.

Smoking is not permitted inside the hotel or event rooms. This includes electronic cigarettes.

Handicap accessible equipment, such as scooters and wheelchairs, are absolutely permitted and welcome. There are elevators available for the lower areas.

General FAQ

Real weapons of any kind are not allowed at the event. If you wish to have fake weapons (lightweight, plastic or foam) at the show for your cosplay or to have it signed, please get it approved at the Ticket Counter at the front of the hotel. If it is deemed too dangerous, we will ask you return it to your room or vehicle.

Strollers are not prohibited but are strongly discouraged, due to crowded vendor spaces.

No animals are allowed at the convention, whether part of cosplay or a pet, unless they are a certified service animal wearing their service gear (service animals must be kept close to their owner and the animal and its actions are 100% the responsibility of their owner). In a crowd there are countless allergies, we have staff with “dog fear,” and neither Horror on Main nor the hotel has animal insurance against aggression or accidents. There will be no exceptions to this rule. If you bring a pet, we will ask you to put it in your room or otherwise remove it from the public areas used by the convention.

Cameras are allowed and welcome. However, video or live streaming is not allowed at readings, panels, or other scheduled events without consent from those being recorded; and only allowed with vendors and Guests of Honor when permission is specifically requested and given. Please feel free to tag us in any online posts. Facebook • Twitter • BlueSky • Instagram • Threads • TikTok

Open drinks or beverage containers are not allowed near Vendor or Guest of Honor tables, and do not set any food or beverage on their tables. You will be responsible for any damages caused by your spilled drink or food.

Horror on Main in no way endorses any merchandise, exhibits, opinions, belief, or actions of any guest, vendor, or attendee.

If you have any further questions, please ask it on the Facebook group page so others may benefit from the answer. If there is enough call for it, we will add it to this page. If you have a more sensitive question than asking publicly would permit, please use the form on the contact page. Please allow 24-48 hours for any email or DM responses.