Yes we have, and we have a Twitter and Instagram and TikTok and YouTube and both a Facebook page, group, and create events there… so what the heck is this and why do you need it? One-Stop Shopping.

The nature of social media is the dreaded timeline. And if we post when you’re not there, by the time you scroll our post is long gone and you’ve missed it. This newsletter is meant to gather all those tidbits in a weekly recap, so you can see what was posted and go back to comment on it if you’d like.

Also, not everyone is on every platform. Some avoid this one or that. Some are only one one. But every platform is slightly different, and so we post different content. This is a way to gather all that in one place. You don’t have to join *insert social media platform here* to see what we post there!

What will it be? Announcements, information, interactive posts (questions, polls, etc), etc. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Subscribe below. Sound like a good way for you to gather Horror on Main information? Subscribe below… and we’ll see you on the inside.

Note: This newsletter will always be free.

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