DEAD Talks

DEAD Talks

Fan Hosted Micro Discussions

Are you passionate about a genre topic? Would you like to host a group discussion about why zombies are slow or the impact real life horror has on horror entertainment? Or would you like to rank the classic monsters in order you would date them or dive into why one would win pitted against another? *Almost* anything goes for our Dead Talks.

Each Dead Talk is slotted for 15 minutes. You have 5 minutes to present your case, blast the audience with your passion and topic and what or why you want to discuss about it. And then the floor is open for interactive discussion for 10 minutes. They’re short, they’re sweet, and they give a voice to the fans to discuss what they love or hate about horror in general, or something specific within the genre.

Would YOU like to give a Dead Talk? Simply fill out the form below to be considered. We are scheduling these for Friday and Sunday in the downstairs programming room. We would LOVE to include you in our event and invite you to bring your passion and participate in the programming.

Anyone over 18 with a general admission ticket* can sign up. No hate-speech or bullying will be tolerated. Please read and understand our policies before signing up. If you have questions, feel free to use this form to ask them. So, what would you like to discuss?

So we can properly warn audience members who may or may not have sensitivies or children with them

DEAD Talks 2024
Topics that have been chosen will be listed here so you do not request a double/adjacent topic:
• The impact of found footage films on the genre
• The evolution of zombies mirroring society

*General admission tickets must be Friday only, Sunday only, or Weekend Pass. Because these will be scheduled on Friday and Sunday, a Saturday only ticket will not give you access to the event rooms on the days of the Dead Talks.