About Horror on Main


Horror on Main is not like other horror conventions, and not just because it’s a woman-owned business. For starters, we are not interested in throwing horror celebrities into a room without rhyme or reason. Instead, we want to examine the genre and all its twisted shadows, as it moves from fiction to film and back again. 

What’s that mean? It means our actors are not only horror actors, but have starred in something based on a book, comic, video game, or are perhaps authors themselves. They have somehow crossed a bridge between media types. Likewise, our authors have had their work adapted to screen, comic, or game. We include poets and nonfiction among the authors and screenwriters. And we don’t forget about the people behind the scenes, such as directors, FX, composers, cover artists, voices, etc.

Beyond the cross-media design, we also re-organized the idea of convention layout itself to make finding people easier and create a friendly atmosphere. We also offer a variety of contests so fans can interact, as well as provide creature comforts and a truly safe place for fans and creators alike. We care about everyone who walks in the door—not only the guests of honor—and make sure the vendors and attendees all know they’re appreciated. 

We are about community, not commodity.

And who is this “we?”

The woman behind the curtain is horror author Kelli OwenA life-long fan of the genre, she’s been attending conventions for over 20 years and has experienced them from both sides of the table. 

Over two decades ago, Kelli created the large genre website Horror-Web (under the moniker HorrorWench) and has since experienced conventions as an attendee, press, helper, handler, and eventually (when she sold the website to concentrate on her writing) as a guest herself. Years of experience and saying, “If I ran a convention, I would…” have culminated in Horror on Main.

By her side is her daughter and general, Amanda Leigh. Not only raised around the genre and the creators within it, Amanda has been intrigued with the inner workings since falling in love with the television series Movie Magic as a young girl. Beyond that, she has always seen the genre for the various ways it twists and turns between media platforms and multiple creators. Amanda notices every little detail, nuance, and person involved, and can connect a person to a book-based movie and visa versa with ease.

Surrounding themselves with a team who appreciate the genre as a whole and respect all those working in it, the women behind Horror on Main have created a unique event for the horror community and invite you all to come to the block party.